I’m not too confusing, but I like to appear that way out the gate because then people don’t expect you to actually be talented or good at anything. Works wonders.

Anyway, hello there. I’m Jean, I’m twenty, and I’m working as a full-time live-in nanny, meaning that I live in my employer’s house. It’s a smashing job, I have to say, and I enjoy it immensely. Originally I became a nanny with the intention to be one until I found what I wanted to do with my life (and what I wanted to go to college for), but to my utter surprise I’m loving the simplicity and energy of this job.

Also the money.

I live life like a Hobbit and nothing much offends me, so throw your very best insulting questions my way. I’ll also write a limerick for you if you ask nicely.

That’s really all there is to me. This is just a personal blog, featuring my day-to-day life, my interests (reading, fantasy, Celtic things, Renaissance Faires, etc.), and… well, no, that’s about it.