Disney Nannying: The Fifth (and Final) Day

The fifth day we were back in The Magic Kingdom, and for the last time. I felt this was a good thing, because The Family was beyond stressed and careening closer to manic and they all really just needed to go home and have a lie-down.

At one point the bigger boys wanted to go on Splash Mountain again, and the littler boys weren’t feeling up to it, so I took a gaggle of boys and we left Mr. and Mrs. Parent with the older ones. We were going pin trading.

For those who don’t know (as I didn’t until the very last day there), pin trading is where you get a lanyard and a bunch of Disney pins and trade them throughout the day with the Cast Members in the park. This will cost you a mere $150 – $500 if you want to have any more than one pin at a time. The trading is free, of course, but you have to start with a pin and that can cost you $10, $12, or your first born child.

Nevertheless, I thought I’d at least make a start by buying a lanyard and one or two pins, in preparation for future visits. Instead, I made the mistake of buying the treasure hunt kit, which gives you a map and clues to solve around the park in exchange for pins (these still cost money every time).


This is what $20 looks like, and that’s not counting the three pins you can’t even see right now.

The boys and I solved two of these clues and earned (paid for) two pins, but it quickly became apparent that we would never finish because we moved like a herd of injured buffalo in the park (slowly), so I stopped at just two. In fact, it feels right this way. Nothing illustrates this trip better to me than managing to complete only two of six things.

So we went on a few more rides instead.

We passed the Fairy Godmother on the way. I was so excited. The boys were indifferent.

We had a Fast Pass for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and as we skipped our way past the miserable people who were dealing with a wait time of an hour and a half, we passed Snow White’s cottage, and I never realized how much I wanted to be Snow White before then.


Look at that. Now if I could just kick all seven of these slobs out, it would be perfect.

We also went on the Haunted Mansion again, and I believe I’ve won the older boys over in regards to it, at least until a few years from now when all the rides at Disney World are “stupid” and “for babies”. Right now that’s only most of them.


I tried once again to get a picture of the dancing ghosts. Turns out my camera doesn’t work so well in the dark without the flash moving sideways at five miles an hour. Fancy that.

Towards the end of the day, Mrs. Parent had more shopping to do on Main Street, so the rest of us crowded awkwardly up to the side of the buildings to avoid being plowed over by the crowd of people assembling to watch the parade. And, to my horror, I discovered that The Family had no intentions of staying and watching the parade.

THE PARADE. The one we had missed twice already. The wonderful magical parade where all the Disney characters come out and there’s a lot of dancing and there’s an ACTUAL FIRE-BREATHING MALIFICENT.

I only stopped short of physically getting down on my hands and knees to beg. In the end, they mercifully agreed to stay and watch.














When the parade was finished, I gave all the kids an over-enthusiastic hug. “Wasn’t that amazing?!” I practically shouted in their ears, to which I received replies ranging from a noncommittal “Uh-huh,” to a whining “Moooom can we go now?”

All I’m getting out of this is that Disney World isn’t actually a place for kids.


I was trying to find The Family in this picture. See if you can spot them.

So we trundled out of the park for the last time. I couldn’t really linger, but I sure wanted to. In my head I’m already planning a vacation here with a good friend of mine, so that we can actually enjoy ourselves. There are so many things that make it wonderful.


Not the least of which is all the chocolates I collected during my stay at the hotel.


Spoils of war: Anna doll, Mary Poppins Christmas ornament, decorative Pirates of the Caribbean keys (there’s also a POTC necklace floating around here somewhere), various pins and maps and lanyards, as much tea as I could get through airport security.

Thanks, Walt Disney World. I had a good time.



One thought on “Disney Nannying: The Fifth (and Final) Day

  1. I find I liked Disney much better as an adult. In fact, we were planning to return in the spring before Life happened and decided otherwise. I’m glad you had fun! Definitely one of my favorite places ever.

    Pin trading tip for next time: Any shopkeepers or cast members walking around with lanyards will trade, and many shops have hidden boards with a few you can trade from. The problem, naturally, occurs when you like all the ones you have and don’t want to actually *trade*. … šŸ™‚


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