The Weekly Report


More for my benefit than yours, whoever you may be, I have decided that every Sunday I will do a book review and a small list of tiny things that have changed in my life, so that when I’m eighty and WordPress is certainly still around I can look back and weep for my wasted youth.

Mind you, it’s Monday now, but Mondays will have to do when I’m working Sundays, on account of children being quite taxing on the brain power.

I’ve just begun the newest book of mine that must be done by the end of the week: It is Doomsday Book by Connie Willis, and received it in my BookBag Box, which is a wonderful little service I’ll probably detail later.

Of course, my “book reviews” are going to be nonsensical gibberish because that’s how I do things. If you want a real book review, go to some of those excellent, well thought out, professional sounding blogs with soothing pictures of bookshelves on the front.

Small updates of the week:

  • I bought both an electric toothbrush and a bathrobe this week. The bathrobe is utter bliss. I don’t know why I felt I could go on without a bathrobe in my life, but things are truly right now that I have it. The electric toothbrush feels like I’m weed-whacking my mouth, but in a good way.
  • I left my D&D group of three sessions, and even though I wasn’t there long I’m all cut up about it because my party was amazing and I was greatly looking forward to adventuring with them. The DM, on the other hand, railroaded like mad and things were never quite comfortable with him after I turned him down for a date. Will keep an eye out for another D&D group, preferably one in which the DM is asexual.
  • An LDS friend of mine, that I lived next to in Idaho for five years, is finally getting back from his mission in South Korea. I’ve communicated only via email with him for two years; we haven’t seen each other in the same amount of time. Won’t he be surprised when he discovers I’ve sprouted a third eye and am now living in a swamp, peddling crone wares.
  • My neighbor here is an incredibly fit elderly couple, and it would not surprise me one whit if they frequently adventured in the wilds of Africa. They have a surprisingly exotic collection of items in their home, as well as some unusual animals. One of these is a macaw. It perches in the trees outside their home and makes the luscious leaves of the deciduous east coast trees look even more jungle-like.


  • my God, is it Friday yet? I need a proper day off.

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