Preface and Preamble

The things you see here should be, by most definitions, “all right”. I don’t think anything will be particularly offensive, as I don’t believe myself to be a particularly offensive person. Nor will anything be particularly political, since I am as political as I am capable of locating a nice shirt in the ungodly hours of the pre-work morning.

I’m fairly bland, if we’re being honest. Like the powder in a box of cake mix. There’s potential there, but the cake mix is a Hufflepuff and as unambitious as they come.

I don’t know quite what I’m planning to do here; I think it will be more like a diary than a blog, although I’m not sure what the definition of a blog is and the Google search bar is altogether too many inches away for me to check. Still, it’s still not a bad place to hang out. Like the street corner near your local bakery; you don’t get much by way of tangible substance, but it smells pretty good.

I hope your day is nice and exact.


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