It’s like Apples and Apples

Yet another big difference between my life in Idaho and my life on the east coast is that my friends here seem to be considerably busier than my friends were on the west side of the country.

A busy east coast friend of mine made the observation that people over here are always trying to move forwards, to obtain the next goal in life. They’re ambitious, often career-focused, always on the go.

By contrast, people from Idaho are sloths in trucker hats.

This is generalizing, of course. But the stereotyping holds true in my case: I’m not ambitious. I’m perfectly happy where I am. I’m building a little nest and I’m just working on making it more comfortable, not bigger.

Anyway, the point I was trying to make is that I have a lot of very busy friends, and even though my job can have pretty insane hours (do YOU like waking up at 5:30 and enjoy the mystery of ending your day anywhere between 6:00 and 9:30? Then live-in nannying is for you!), I’m so horribly relaxed on the off hours that feel guilty that I’m missing out on the stress of my friends.

The answer, of course, is care packages. After all, nothing cheers a person up more than receiving an assortment of random items from their overly relaxed Idahoan friend.

So while the kids were at school today, I ran a few errands, and then hopped on my new bicycle and rode the 1.5 miles to the nearest orchard, for the purchasing of goods and picking of fruits.


Pictured here: Trees.

Besides my exercise-protesting knees, I did run into some trouble from the start: Typically, when I visit an apple orchard, I’m with one or two much taller friends to help with the picking. Going in I thought I might be able to climb trees, as I have some practice in it and I’m small enough not to immediately come crashing down again, but alas…


Curses! Foiled again!

With that option out, I picked up my metaphorical skirts and hiked down to the very end of the rows, where the lazier people (such as myself) generally did not venture.


Give it up, Jean. It’s not going to happen.

I did come out of it with around half a dozen apples, several cute miniature pumpkins, and a bag of cider donuts, however. I was quite pleased with the haul before I realized that when I put it all in my backpack, it would weigh as much as half a dozen apples, several cute miniature pumpkins, and a bag of cider donuts. If only I had been lazier and ventured out by car instead. That’s that east coast ambition getting to me.

Overall, however, I think it was worth it for the little packages I got to put together, one for a busy friend nearby, and one for a busy friend in Massachusetts. Got to share the comfort a little.


Care package by mail: Card, medieval pouch with tea, assorted chocolates with a French name that makes them sound fancier than they really are.


Hand-delivered care package: Assorted apples, one miniature pumpkin, bag of cider donuts, and a dish towel because he’s a heathen who only uses bar rags in his kitchen and bar rags are about as absorbent as the palm of your hand.


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